Trump just launched an unhinged, error-riddled attack on a Democrat who doesn’t even exist


President Trump took a break for a rare mid-day tweet today to celebrate the latest lawsuit to be filed against him, this time by the Democratic National Committee which is suing the Trump campaign in conjunction with Wikileaks and the Russian government for conspiracy to damage his rival Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

The Democrats have either decided that they have enough evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians, with the transparency organization Wikileaks as an intermediary, or they believe that they’ll be able to obtain that evidence during the discovery process in the suit and will prevail in a civil action against the trio of alleged co-conspirators.

Trump seems to see the suit as an opportunity to countersue the “Obstructionist Democrats” (who must have inherited that title from the Republicans after Obama left office) for whatever contents of the DNC server that the GOP didn’t already get access to through their friends in the Kremlin and at Wikileaks.

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Erroneously referring to former DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz as Wendy, Trump seems to be mentally visiting never-never land on 4/20 day with his conspiracy theory-derived fantasies of a Pakistani mystery man and Clinton emails ripped straight from the pages of tin hat right-wing bloggers.

Trump’s constant attempts at playing a game of “What about…?” whenever faced with credible, evidence-based accusations against him and his crooked campaign are getting more predictable than the misspellings and arbitrary capitalizations in his tweets.


His efforts to deflect the negative publicity sure to be generated by the DNC civil legal efforts parallelling the investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller into Russian collusion and the role of WikiLeaks and its founder Julian Assange are so transparent to everyone but his core supporters that they are literally laughable.

The president’s latest tweet betrays either a gullibility on his own part or a cynical assessment of the public’s gullibility of fanciful conspiracy theories in the face of growing evidence of campaign misdeeds that started with meetings in Trump Tower with Russians thought to be bearing gifts of leaked information and continued with secretive meetings with Russian emissaries by Trump campaign staff at locations around the globe.

We’ll see how bravely the president tweets when all the evidence is out in the open.

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UPDATE: Whatever Trump was trying to accomplish with this tweet, either he or someone on his staff thought better of it since it’s since been deleted. Luckily, we grabbed a screen capture before it disappeared from the Twitterverse.

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