Trump just got an unpleasant surprise upon his arrival in the Florida Keys (UPDATED)

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Yesterday, President Trump invaded the Conch Republic and protesters were ready to express their intense displeasure with his erratic “leadership.”

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In this hilarious viral video, (embedded below) you can hear the Floridians volley a series of boos amid more colorful remarks while his motorcade proceeded onto United Street in front of Key West City Hall.

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Key West, Florida is known as a liberal bastion and leading city in the fight for gay rights. America’s Southernmost City was the only part of the Florida Keys in 2016 to vote against Trump, and residents weren’t about to let him saunter through the heart of the city without opposition. The Miami New Times reports:

“Love Trumps hate!” the protesters begin chanting in the clip. The chants quickly turn to boos and hisses and then to outright cursing.
“Fuck you!” a few people scream. “Fuck youuuu! Fuck you!” At least one woman can be seen flipping the bird at the president’s motorcade.

Trump told reporters in the island city of Key West that “We need border protection. We need the wall. We have to have the wall,” despite the fact that it would be ridiculously impossible to wall-off the 113-mile Florida Keys island chain linked to the mainland by Overseas Highway.

We reached Colleen Hough via Facebook Messenger for comment and she said:

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“I was surprised that the video has gone so viral. It currently has been shared over 18,000 times with an untold number of views and likes. It seems there are vastly growing numbers of people in our county who do not just disapprove of the President, but who are downright appalled by his behaviour and lack of leadership.”

“It’s unfortunate that our country is so polarized in our views but worse than that, this Administration seems to encourage the discord.”

The visit to Naval Air Station Key West marked the halfway point of a week the President spent in Florida, where Republican politicians hurried to kiss Trump’s ass in private, while assiduously hiding from photographers lenses, like Rep. Carlos Curbelo (R-FL) who represents the Keys.

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South Florida Republicans are so afraid of being associated with Trump, that even a former contestant on NBC’s The Apprentice got caught deleting photos of the two of them together.

Former Republican state Rep. Jose Felix Diaz tried to hide his deep roots in Trumpworld just before he lost a major special election last fall to Sen. Annette Taddeo in the race for a state Senate seat in Miami. Taddeo is one of the Democrats whose Congressional campaigns were attacked by the Russians who attacked her last electoral campaign in 2016.

Donald Trump’s visit to Florida is galvanizing local members of the resistance in opposition to Republicans who have dominated state politics for the last two decades just in time for a major statewide election this November that will choose the state’s next Governor, Attorney General, and CFO to fill vacant seats.

Watch the motorcade video here:

Grant Stern

Editor at Large

Grant Stern is a columnist for the Washington Press. He's also mortgage broker, writer, community activist and radio personality in Miami, Florida.

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