June 29, 2022

Michael Moore just showed up in at Michigan Governor’s office to film a scene for his new Flint documentary

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Activist filmmaker Michael Moore made a trip back to his home state of Michigan this week and, as usual, he made a big splash… literally.


Accompanied by a large tanker truck emblazoned with the phrase “Flint Water” on its sides, Moore took a hose attached to the tanker and sprayed water from the taps of the environmentally battered city towards the Michigan State Capitol building in Lansing, according to a report in The Detroit News.

The Flint water supply was infamously contaminated with excessive quantities of dangerous lead after government authorities switched from using treated Detroit Water and Sewerage Department water (sourced from Lake Huron and the Detroit River) to drawing water from the Flint River in a bid to save money at the expense of the health of its mostly poor citizens.

The ill-advised switch exposed somewhere between 6,000 to 12,000 children to levels of lead contamination that can result in serious health and development issues as they age.

Moore, who was born in Flint and grew up nearby, has been a strident critic of how Michigan governor Rick Snyder has handled the Flint water crisis, particularly in the wake of the state’s decision to end distribution of free bottled water recently.

The state claims that the levels of lead in the water supply in Flint is now below permissible federal standards, so the distribution of bottled water is unnecessary. Residents of Flint point to the still brownish, acrid-smelling flow from their taps as proof that this is just another attempt by the state to cut costs at their expense.

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As Moore held up a glass of water, he shouted “Governor Snyder, drink the water,” as multiple cameras filmed the scene for a future project that the filmmaker refused to divulge.

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“Asked by a Detroit News reporter what he was filming for, Moore said only that he ‘didn’t have anything else to do today,’ before he and staff jumped in a minivan and drove off. Crew members joked that the film shoot was for a Go-Gurt commercial,” the newspaper reported.

Moore has been well-known for pulling outrageous publicity stunts in his films since his debut feature documentary “Roger & Me” which consisted primarily of Moore attempting to obtain an ambush interview with then-General Motors CEO Roger B. Smith to explain why he was cutting jobs in Flint and moving them to Mexican factories.

While his subsequent films have tackled topics ranging from America’s gun culture in “Bowling For Columbine” to the American healthcare system in “Sicko.”  His recent filming in Flint indicates that he may be heading back to his Michigan roots for his next feature documentary.

You can take a peak at Michael Moore’s latest film shoot in this clip from Twitter below.

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