August 14, 2022

Details of Michael Cohen’s apology to Melania for enabling Trump’s cheating just surfaced

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President Trump’s attorney in the lawsuit filed by adult film icon Stormy Daniels, Michael Cohen, reportedly tried to make amends with the president’s wife Melania over his actions in negotiating a $130,000 non-disclosure agreement with the actress, according to an article in The New York Times today.


Cohen, the president’s long-time fixer at the Trump Organization, approached Melania Trump at a Mar-a-Lago Republican fund-raiser earlier this year and attempted to express his remorse over the pain the incident inflicted upon her.

While the president’s spouse has been stoic and silent in the face of the constant barrage of accusations of infidelity by her husband, hints of alienation between the couple have emerged in small details such as separate travel plans and brushed away hand-holding attempts.

Still Melania must have known about her husband’s fidelity issues, given Trump’s history as a serial philanderer who cheated on his first wife Ivana, the mother of Donald Jr., Ivanka, and Eric Trump, with his second wife Marla Maples, who was already pregnant with Tiffany Trump when they married after Trump’s first divorce was finalized.

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She also, like everyone else in America, heard the infamous Access Hollywood tape where her husband bragged about the part of the female anatomy he could grab because he was a star.

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The New York Times does not give any indication of Melania’s reaction to Cohen’s apology attempt, but if we are exceedingly lucky, perhaps Cohen recorded the conversation, as he is known to do frequently with his clients, and we’ll eventually get to hear exactly what he said to the first lady and how she responded.

Those recordings are one of the reasons that the FBI raid has everyone in the White House so anxious, but we’ll have to wait until a federal judge rules on how the seized materials will be vetted to ensure that no attorney-client privilege will be violated before any of the materials see the light of day.

The fact that Cohen felt a need to apologize to Melania is telling in and of itself, however. Normally it would be the husband who expresses remorse in situations like this. The question is whether Cohen was apologizing for covering up the president’s affair with his payment or for failing to do so successfully.

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