December 10, 2022

Trump’s Playmate mistress just scored a huge win that Trump has been dreading all year

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A former Playboy bunny has been recently freed from the legal chains which bound her, officially ruining Melania Trump’s week.


According to The New York Times, tabloid news giant American Media, Inc. agreed to let Karen McDougal out of a contract that prevented her from talking freely about her alleged affair with the president.

The decision will not allow McDougal to join the legal case involving efforts to buy the silence of women who had stories to tell about him during the 2016 campaign, being waged largely by Stephanie “Stormy Daniels” Clifford.

The lawsuit returns the rights to the story of McDougal’s alleged affair with the president back to McDougal herself. In August of 2016, A.M.I, which owns the National Enquirer, acquired the rights to her story – which it never ran – in return for $150,000 and a deal to use its magazines to promote McDougal’s fitness career.

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“It’s a total win,” her attorney, Peter K. Stris said in an interview. “We got everything we were fighting for — she got out of the contract, gets the life rights back and owes A.M.I. nothing more.”

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Wednesday’s settlement restricts A.M.I.’s rights to only $75,000 of future profits from her retelling of the alleged affair, which Don the Con still denies. McDougal can also keep the initial payment in exchange for A.M.I.’s ability to retain the rights to photographs they have of her.

The lawsuit said that American Media, Inc., whose chairman is a friend of Trump’s, misled her into signing the contract. It also alleged that Mr. Cohen had inappropriately intervened in the deal. Both points tie into the recent FBI raid of Cohen’s affairs to investigate what was potentially an attempt to silence accusers and protect Trump during the 2016 election cycle.

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In a separate interview, McDougal admitted she has no plans to sell the rights to her story at this time. “It’s one step at a time for me,” she said. “Today, I’m doing my victory dance.”

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