March 29, 2023

A new Playboy model just revealed her affair with Trump and she has photos to prove it

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President Donald Trump’s scandals continue to multiply as his long history of sexual assault and serial philandering is finally catching up with him. Adult film star Stormy Daniels has been dominating the news since she came forward and alleged that she had an extramarital affair with Trump behind his wife Melania’s back. Ex-Playboy model Karen McDougal also claims to have had an affair with Trump.

Now, another name can be added to this growing list. The Daily Mail reports that former Playboy model Barbara Moore claims she had a six-month affair with Trump and had sex with him in front of her friend. It happened while Trump’s then-fiance Marla Maples was pregnant with his daughter Tiffany.

Moore alleges that she and Trump snuck around behind Maple’s back, spending time together at Trump Tower and Mar-a-Lago.

Daily Mail also managed to get a hold of photographs of Moore posing in a bikini at Trump’s private Mar-a-Lago residence as well as one she took of him flexing his biceps. Moore decided to come forward with her stories after rumors of the affair began to circulate online in the wake of a legal filing by Karen McDougal that mentioned her by name.

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Moore was also photographed with Trump’s personal chef in the Mar-a-Lago kitchen.

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Apparently, Trump failed to tell Moore that he was engaged and she had no idea that Trump was having a child with another woman.

“But at the time I didn’t know he was with someone else, let alone engaged to Marla Maples and it was only recently I learned she was pregnant at the time. This has shocked me, but I don’t hold it against Donald, he was a great lover and I think he’s a great president,” Moore said.

The two of them met in March 1993 at Trump’s Castle Casino Hotel in Atlantic City, New Jersey where she was doing a fashion show. After the show, she and several other playmates moved to a cocktail party in one of the hotel rooms. After that, Trump invited her back to his suite where they proceeded to have sex.

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Moore contends that Trump “didn’t ask me to do anything weird at all,” a surprising statement about a man who reportedly enjoys watching women urinate on each other. After having sex, the two of them cuddled into the morning. Soon after the liaison, Trump invited her to visit Mar-a-Lago.

Later, Moore and her friend visited him at Trump Tower. Trump and Moore ended up having sex in front of her friend.

“We had a couple of glasses of champagne and Donald was laying on his back, on his bed with his arms up and we were just sitting on the corner of his bed talking and chatting. Then he goes ‘come here’ and I just started to hug him and we started kissing and my friend was still there. We just went at it and it was like she just didn’t exist,” claims Moore.

Trump mislead Moore and made her believe that they were developing a serious relationship. She didn’t know that she was simply his latest mistress.

“I definitely felt like our relationship was getting stronger. And, and that’s when he invited me to New York to the Trump Tower and I just thought that, you know, we were an item. I thought that we were dating and I was special,” she said.

Moore says the secret relationship petered out shortly before the birth of Tiffany Trump. Later that year, Trump married Marla Maples. Moore was shocked by the news.

“That made so much sense to me because I was like wondering why was this relationship was getting distant? But I was still shocked when I found out, because he was obviously with her at the same time as he was with me.I never knew. What’s worse is that she was pregnant and gave birth before they married, that I didn’t know until recently,” Moore said.

While Moore is just the latest to come forward with a sordid tale about Trump, it seems unlikely that she will be the last. The president is chronically incapable of being faithful and delights in practicing duplicity. A man of such low moral character doesn’t belong in the White House.

Natalie Dickinson

Natalie is a staff writer for the Washington Press. She graduated from Oberlin College in 2010 and has been freelance blogging and writing for progressive outlets ever since.

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