August 18, 2022

Trump just lost his mind over James Comey in unglued Twitter rant

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Former FBI Director James Comey’s new book is causing some sleepless nights for President Trump.


The president started his usual Sunday morning Twitter barrage particularly early this morning, posting his first tweet at 4:42 AM EST and, given that the cable news channels were full of talk about Comey’s book, which will be available on Tuesday, naturally Trump focused almost exclusively on attacking his straight arrow nemesis.

Given that Trump is notoriously adverse to obtaining information from the printed page, his attacks on Comey were based on the former FBI Director’s many promotional appearances on TV to tout his book.

His first tweet goes after Comey for his comments regarding his decision to announce just a couple of weeks before the 2016 election that he was reopening the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email scandal after more emails were discovered on her aide Huma Abedin’s computer.

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Besides the cognitive dissonance caused by the idea that we have a president who thinks it’s acceptable presidential behavior to call an adversary a “slimeball,” Trump’s twisted logic here is remarkable. Why would anyone think that a decision that many credit with causing Clinton to actually lose the election could possibly be seen as a way to win a job in the next administration?

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Trump also displays his ignorance of how FBI Directors are appointed and how their terms work. After confirmation by Congress, the FBI Director serves a ten year term, purposefully spanning presidential administrations to keep a separation between the agency and partisan politics.

Comey’s term was not due to expire until 2023, way after any winner of the 2016 election would have completed their four year mandate. Trump merely displays how his own corrupt mind works by projecting how he would have handled the situation if he were Comey.

Aside from the “fake news” that Trump promulgates regarding the reviews of the book that The New York Times called “absorbing,” Trump’s tweet just ensured that even in the unlikely event that Comey did something that could result in government prosecution, he could never receive a fair trial. Too venal and ignorant to keep his mouth shut, Trump, by inserting “(jail)” after each alleged offense, sullies the pool of potential jurors in any case and throws presumption of innocence out the window.

Trump’s ignorance and contempt of the rule and processes of law shines clearly through his every rant.

The fact that Trump lost the popular vote and only won the presidency through the arcane relic that is the electoral college has left him with an insecurity of illegitimacy that has resulted in a constant fixation on his former opponent and her allies. That accusations against his enemies serve as a purposeful distraction from the litany of his own misdeeds is a useful side benefit.

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In the end Trump resorts to simply calling Comey a liar, which is like an arsonist caught at the scene of an inferno with a can of gasoline and a box of matches pointing at the fire chief and blaming them for the blaze. With an average of around six lies each day since his inauguration, President Trump has as much credibility as a ouija board. The American public largely already knows this since 16% more of them already think Comey is infinitely more believable than the president

The president may conjure a future where Comey is remembered as the worst FBI Director in history (although he’d have to battle J. Edgar Hoover mightily to win that title), but despite also tweeting out a brag about his latest poll standings, history has already judged Trump to be the worst president in history.

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Vinnie Longobardo

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