June 29, 2022

SNL just went viral with hilarious, star-studded “Mueller-Cohen” lie detector test (WATCH)

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It would take serious star power to make up for Saturday Night Live’s Alec Baldwin’s absence, where he normally impersonates Donald Trump, but the iconic show managed to do just that.


Robert DeNiro and Ben Stiller shared the spotlight for a sketch that came nearly two decades after the duo’s performance together in the hilarious film Meet The Parents– and even included a reference or two to it.

DeNiro, who plays the role of special counselor Robert Mueller, administers a lie detector test to Stiller, who plays Trump’s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen. The result is a scene so outrageous, it would be hard to distinguish from the chaotic reality at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

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The sketch comes on the heels of the FBI’s bombshell raid on the home and offices of Michael Cohen, a move that has prompted Trump’s surrogates on Capitol Hill and Fox News to call for the president to end Mueller’s investigation. To do so, Trump would have to fire Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein or Mueller himself, which the White House claims he has the power to do.

Politicians on both sides of the aisle have urged the president not to do so, claiming that such a move would effectively prove obstruction of justice, an impeachable offense. However, Trump is rarely moved by reason.

Until then, we can only applaud SNL for managing to air a performance only slightly more absurd than the reality we’re experiencing right now.

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Brian Tyler Cohen

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