February 4, 2023

Sally Yates just delivered rare, brutal warning to Trump over potential Rosenstein firing

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Amid the FBI’s surprise raid on the offices and home of Trump’s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, there has been a steep uptick in partisan lawmakers and pundits pressuring Trump to fire Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who is overseeing special counselor Robert Mueller’s investigation into both the Trump campaign’s possible collusion with Russia and obstruction of justice.


Sally Yates, the former Deputy Attorney General who was ultimately fired by Trump for her failure to uphold his illegal travel ban, weighed in on a potential firing with a rare, unrestrained warning.

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Even the White House has weighed in on the impending scandal, going so far as to claim that Trump could fire the special counselor himself.

Trump’s waffling has led to an outcry from lawmakers on both sides of the aisle to reject calls to do what would ultimately amount to a constitutional crisis in firing either Mueller or Rosenstein. Of course, this presidency has never been an exemplar of restraint.

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Trump would be well served to follow the free legal advice from Mrs. Yates, as his own counsel seems to be embroiled in some problems of their own these days.

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