July 7, 2022

Sally Yates just publicly called out Trump’s cowardice for refusing to face Mueller in epic interview

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The former Acting Attorney General just slammed President Trump for avoiding a voluntary interview with Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s obstruction of justice probe.


Former Acting AG Sally Q. Yates just spoke at today’s Women in the World conference in New York. She strongly affirmed Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein’s choice of Robert Mueller to lead the investigation and then dropped the bomb on Donald Trump’s stubborn refusal to speak to federal prosecutors.

Yates told interviewer Tina Brown in no uncertain terms (four videos below) that Donald Trump is unfit to lead now that he’s ducking a voluntary interview with Mueller rather than performing on his oft-stated promise to speak “under oath” to investigators. She said:

This is the President of the United States.

He raised his hand and said that he wanted to be the leader of our country, and he asked us to entrust him with that, and to give us some of our freedom, he’s making some decisions for us.

So it seems to me, when the questions are so important here. It’s about a foreign adversary attacking our democracy, and about whether he or his campaign members were a part of it;

I don’t understand how he would have the moral authority to lead this country if didn’t answer those questions.

In today’s talk, Yates also slammed the President’s improper use of the Justice Department which he mistakenly views as part of his personal legal team, and warned strongly to never normalize Trump’s behavior.

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Former Acting AG Sally Q. Yates is a patriot, whose calm testimony to Congress under the duress of direct attack by the President last year, ripped the lid off of the White House’s campaign of obstruction after she notified White House Counsel Don McGahn that National Security Advisor Gen. Flynn had lied to the FBI.

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Mrs. Yates’ said in that hearing that nothing could be done to harm the FBI’s investigation into Flynn, which has already led to his cooperation and guilty plea on those very charges, late last year.

Every American, regardless of their political leanings or ideas, should pay careful attention to every word that Sally Q. Yates just said about President Trump’s unfitness for office.

Think of these words when you vote in November.

Watch Sally Q. Yates speak at the Women in the World Conference:

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