Andrew McCabe’s lawyer just taunted Trump over Twitter meltdown

President Trump’s impulse control problems are going to make his search for legal representation in the multitude of investigations and lawsuits being waged against him even more difficult than it has already been.

His furious tweet today in the wake of the release of the Justice Department’s Inspector General’s report on fired Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe proves that his emotional reaction to every negative piece of news about the continuing investigations into his campaign — and his efforts to stymie those inquiries — simply leaves him in a worse position than if he had been able to keep his tiny fingers off of the keyboard on the phone that he uses to access Twitter.

The report by the Inspector General does accuse McCabe of a lack of candor in discussing information disclosed to a Wall Street Journal reporter during the campaign. However, McCabe’s lawyer has challenged the IG’s conclusion, claiming that the evidence in the report does not support that conclusion.

The report’s conclusion hinges on the discrepancy between McCabe’s claim that he informed his boss at the time. former FBI Director James Comey, about his authorization of a discussion with the reporter and Comey’s inability to recall that conversation clearly.

Trump’s tweeted response to the report merely gave McCabe’s lawyer more ammunition in his quest to prove that the den of liars, thieves, and lowlifes is actually the Trump administration itself, trying to protect itself from an investigation that could prove the supposedly non-existent collusion.

McCabe’s attorney Michael Bromwich went so far as to thank the President for his tweet, which he said simply added to the evidence of the defamation suit he’s now planning on filing on McCabe’s behalf.

No word as to whether the equally defamed Mr. Comey will be joining in the defamation claim or filing his own suit, but the former FBI director should be thanking Trump for some well-timed publicity that will help propel his new memoir, A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies, and Leadership, to the top of the bestseller charts when it’s released next week.

Meanwhile, Trump continues to ignore the advice that any competent lawyer would give him in this situation, being congenitally unable to keep his mouth shut and his twitter finger holstered.

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Vinnie Longobardo

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