The NRA’s money funneling scandal just exploded as investigators unearth dozens more Russian “donors”

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The National Rifle Association just made a stunning admission about their acceptance of donations from Russian nationals in a letter sent to Democratic Senator Ron Wyden. (embedded below)

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They told the Senator from Oregon that 25 people with Russian addresses, which are potentially a mix of American citizens and foreign nationals have contributed to the NRA since 2015 alone. NRA Board member and General Counsel John C. Frazier also asked Sen. Wyden to narrow the scope of his request for communications in his reply.

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While the dollar amount of the NRA’s Russian-based contributors is small, it contradicts earlier statements about the gun rights advocacy group, who is under FBI investigation for accepting foreign money to influence America’s political campaigns. They admitted today:

An NRA spokesman previously told ABC News that only one such donation was given between the years 2012 and 2018, but that has proved to be wrong, or a lie.

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Senator Wyden’s aides say that he’s not satisfied with the NRA’s responses, including today’s letter. NPR reports:

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A Wyden aide, who asked not to be identified discussing the office’s investigation, said the NRA’s shifting statements would prompt Wyden to consider how he might continue his questioning.

“After three letters, the NRA continually, and specifically avoided detailing what measures it takes to vet donations, including from shell companies, a known means for Russians to funnel money into the United States,” the aide said.

“Sen. Wyden will be referring his correspondence with the NRA to the Federal Elections Commission to contribute to their inquiry … As ranking member of the Finance Committee, he is considering additional oversight actions in light of this response.”

In addition, the NRA took time to address their dubious relationship with Russian deputy central banker and “godfather” Alexander Torshin.

Torshin famously got close to former NRA President David Keene and who attended every national NRA conference since at least 2012, where at one of the events he met Donald Trump Jr.

NRA attorneys disclosed that they haven’t quite figured out what to do in relation to having a lifetime member sanctioned by Congress for enabling Russia’s attacks on the 2016 federal elections.

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The National Rifle Association has become a vehicle for gun companies to sell as many firearms as they want, by enraging ordinary citizens about phantom bogeymen.

Ironically, the NRA’s sales strategy is collapsing now that their preferred, spineless Republican politician is sitting in the Oval Office. Remington filed for bankruptcy late last month, and other gunmakers are laying off employees and reporting lower earnings now that President Obama is a private citizen.

Now, the NRA is being called to account by one of the Senate’s most sophisticated and relentless members, who is serious about getting to the bottom of their Russian ties.

Read the NRA’s entire letter here:

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