August 18, 2022

Pop rock band Papa Roach just crushed Paul Ryan with one epic tweet

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The internet went absolutely¬†crazy this morning when Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan announced he wouldn’t run for re-election this November. He joins a slew of Senate and Congressional Republicans jumping ship to avoid continuing to work under Trump’s oppressive thumb.


Joining the chorus of celebratory send-offs to one of the most vile men in politics today was none other than Papa Roach, an emo band who rose to prominence in the early-aughts.

The band – who are still actively touring – burned the disgraced Congressman in one quick tweet:

“Heard Paul Ryan is looking for a new gig?” they mused, following up with a job offer. “We have a roadie position open – doesn’t come with Healthcare though …”

The tweet is an obvious jab at Paul Ryan’s decade-long quest to strip millions of Americans from access to affordable healthcare under “Obamacare,” formerly known as the Affordable Care Act.

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Ryan worked tirelessly with snapping turtle turned politician Mitch McConnell to “repeal and replace” the ACA while Obama was still president. The pair happily marched into the Trump presidency assuming their insidious plans would be an easy flip, but multiple attempts in 2017 proved futile as even their fellow Republicans turned against their efforts.

The joke of the tweet hinges on a mistaken report from March of 2017 where witnesses claimed a shamed Ryan drove away from one failed attempt to repeal the ACA blasting “Last Resort,” one of Papa Roach’s biggest hits from their 2000 album, “Infest.”

Though the tweet was sent in jest and Ryan would never actually accept the position, it would be incredibly gratifying to see one of the most virulent anti-labor politicians hauling heavy equipment with no benefits so he could finally experience the hell he’s bestowed upon the majority of this country.

Alas, that’s merely a pipe dream, but at least Paul Ryan can no longer exact his evil on the most vulnerable Americans.


Salvatore Nicholas

Salvatore is a producer, political writer, comedian and LGBTQ activist (in no particular order). He resides in Los Angeles with his two cats and encyclopedic knowledge of Britney's discography.

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