October 6, 2022

Mueller just fired off a fresh barrage of 35 subpoenas for Trump campaign manager trial

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A pair of new court filings in the Special Counsel’s Virginia based tax and mortgage fraud case against Trump’s former campaign manager just emerged.


Paul Manafort exercised his right to be tried in Virginia, where his tax and money laundering crimes were accused by Mueller, so the Special Counsel’s office crossed the Potomac River to pursue the case. Mueller deputy Greg Andres – a specialist in foreign bribery cases who headed the DOJ’s fraud unit – asked the court to issue 35 blank subpoenas for witnesses to testify in Manafort’s upcoming trial, set for this July. (see below)

More importantly, yesterday, the Special Counsel’s top deputy Andrew Weissmann alongside legal legend Michael Dreben filed a definitive response to Paul Manafort’s desperate attempts to dismiss the case for lack of proper authorization without any real basis in fact. Mueller’s team wrote:



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Weissmann has told the media that he does not think it’s a complicated case against Manafort in Virginia, who is stuck wearing two ankle monitors until a judgment in the case is finished.

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Paul Manafort’s pathetic attempts to prove that the Special Counsel shouldn’t be allowed to prosecute him began to crumble just last week after prosecutors filed a secret memo from the Department of Justice in his doomed civil case.

Manafort filed the civil case soon after Mueller’s first indictment landed in a D.C. courthouse, under which he is due to be tried on September 17th, 2018 at the start of this year’s mid-term election season.

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Mueller’s lawyers explained the detailed inner workings of the investigation in response to Manafort’s frivolous claims, revealing that the charges passed through the high bar of the Tax Division’s requirements to bring criminal charges.

Paul Manafort earned a staggering amount of money working for foreign political parties whose policy interests directly oppose America’s own goals.

But it is his failure to report those earnings, the foreign bank accounts, along with his callous disregard for telling the truth to mortgage lenders, which will probably land him locked up for a long time in a federal penitentiary regardless of the outcome of his Trump Russia trial.

Here’s a copy of the government’s request for 35 witness subpoenas:

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