June 30, 2022

House Republicans were just blindsided by a second major retirement after Paul Ryan’s announcement

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A Florida Republican Congressman just announced his own retirement in the wake of Speaker Ryan’s momentous decision to step down from the House of Representatives.


Rep. Dennis Ross represents a conservative-leaning district between Orlando and Tampa, and says he thought it was a “slow news day” and was planning to retire already by telling his staff when Fox News broke word of the Speaker’s decision.

The Florida district Ross represents is rated R+5 by the non-partisan Cook Report, making it one of the 100+ districts more liberal than the seat Democrat Connor Lamb won in Pennsylvania last month.  The Tampa Bay Times reports that Representative Ross has good reason to spend more time with his family:

“Eight years takes its toll on you. When you feel like a stranger in your hometown, it’s time to say, ‘There’s got to be an exit strategy at some point,’ ” Ross said in an interview, noting he planned on serving 10 years, or five terms.

Ross, 58, said he wants to spend more time at home, with two sons getting married within the year. He cited the grind of travel to and from Washington and having to constantly raise money.

“My wife and I decided this is a good time.”

The retiring Republican claims that the coming blue wave “had nothing to do with his decision.”

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Rep. Dennis Ross began his career in Florida’s State House, where he voted for the infamous “stand your ground” law to please the NRA, a bill credited with increasing homicide rates in Florida, which then spread across other state houses.

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He will leave the US House with an A- rating from the NRA and a 0% rating from the NAACP.

Rep. Ross plans to return to the practice of law and teaching political science part-time now that he has finished devastating America’s long-term fiscal health to deliver $1.50 in weekly tax savings to most working Americans (but billions to corporations) and helping sabotage Obamacare.

Republican Congressman, who are complicit with the Trump agenda, literally cannot abandon their political careers fast enough to time their announcements not to conflict.

But it will still take a large wave of blue voters in this November’s election before we see meaningful changes like gun reform or fiscal sanity or a check on President Trump’s unbridled power to do harm in Washington DC, at the start of next year.

Grant Stern

Editor at Large

is the Executive Editor of Occupy Democrats and published author. His new Meet the Candidates 2020 book series is distributed by Simon and Schuster. He's also a mortgage broker, community activist and radio personality in Miami, Florida., as well as the producer of the Dworkin Report podcast. Grant is also an occasional contributor to Raw Story, Alternet, and the DC Report, an unpaid senior advisor to the Democratic Coalition, and a Director of Sunshine Agenda Inc. a government transparency nonprofit organization.

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