October 6, 2022

Sen. Chuck Grassley just sent Trump an ominous warning about firing Mueller

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The influential Republican Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee just issued a stark warning to President Trump that he should not under any circumstances fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller.


Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) told a live television interviewer that Donald Trump is going off the rails even discussing the Mueller probe as often as he does, but that even GOP congressmen are beginning to see a red line.

Republicans have been relatively unified in opposing legislation that will prevent the President from firing the Special Counsel, but this is the strongest declaration yet from a member of his party that even Donald Trump cannot stand if he makes the ultimate bad decision. CNBC reports:

“I have confidence in Mueller, the president ought to have confidence in Mueller, and I think to answer your question, it would be suicide for the president to want—to talk about firing Mueller.”

“The less the president said on this whole thing, the better off he would be,” Grassley said.

It’s extremely rare for a Republican to say anything at all bad about Donald Trump, let alone predict his forthcoming political suicide and tell him to shut up if he knows what’s good for him.

GOP lawmakers are not the most rational actors when deciding matters related to the President, for example, Sen. Grassley thinks that Mueller’s investigation is a “dead end” even though he’s got two trials, multiple indictments, and convicted cooperators.

But Chuck Grassley is a politician above all else, who cares about nothing but winning, and issued an even more ominous warning to President Trump in the face of a mounting blue wave at the ballot boxes this fall.

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He told the Fox Business channel that without Mueller, Republicans haven’t got a chance in this year’s mid-term elections:

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“Maybe Mueller would appreciate being fired so he would have an excuse for getting out of it and the Democrats would have a good issue in this upcoming election.”

The FBI’s raid on Trump lawyer Michael Cohen has clearly rattled the President.

Anyone who saw President Trump’s unhinged rant against Special Counsel Robert Mueller yesterday can tell just from his exceedingly defensive body language that he is in panic mode.

If it’s not clear to the President yet, Senator Grassley just made it crystal; if Trump fires Mueller, it will be his own political suicide and he will take the Republican Party down with him.

Just watch:

Grant Stern

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