August 16, 2022

CNN just publicly humiliated Trump over his Mueller tantrums with brutally hilarious chryon

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According to a new bombshell expose by Vanity Fair, Trump has reached his most unstable level to date, and the White House so terrified of leaks is bursting at the seams with secret insight into the president’s erratic behavior.


“He’s sitting there bitching and moaning. He’s brooding and doesn’t have a plan,” a Republican close to the White House told Vanity Fair‘s Gabriel Sherman. “I could see him having a total meltdown and saying, ‘F**k it, I’m firing all of them,’” a separate close friend of Mr. Trump further elaborated.

The latest cog in the Trump machine came yesterday as news broke of a raid in his signature high-rise on 5th Avenue in Manhattan, as FBI agents rained down on the office of Trump’s long-time personal attorney Michael Cohen. Initial assumptions that this raid pertained to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s were quickly quelled when it was revealed Mueller merely suggested the raid to the FBI as they were investigating the $130k hush payment Cohen made to Trump’s former mistress, adult film star Stephanie “Stormy Daniels” Clifford.

Vanity Fair noted that previously, Trump would have turned to his most loyal servants like Hope Hicks or another personal lawyer, John Dowd. Both parties recently departed the White House, leaving Trump without comfort and his legal team without any leadership.

Now Cohen, a long-time confidante of the Commander-in-Chief, is up to his ears in legal worries and is being deleted from any digital presence he had on official White House and GOP websites.

The world is taking notice of this drastic shift in stability. Take, for instance, this chyron on CNN captured by  The Hill correspondent Jordan Fabian:

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Fabian tweets simply, “Where we’re at” with an image of the chyron boasting “Trump’s Anger Over Raid Surpasses Previous Tantrums.”

“Surpasses previous tantrums” sounds like an entry into a mommy-blog about weathering the toddler years; but it’s not. It’s a chyron on CNN, depicting the current mental state of the man with the nuclear codes, who is responsible for the well-being of millions and in charge of the world’s most powerful military.

The tumult does not end with Trump, sadly. The constant turnover in a White House already understaffed more than a year into Trump’s presidency has upended any attempt Chief of Staff John Kelly put forth to impose order.

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Vanity Fair reports that recently appointed economic adviser Larry Kudlow appears to be seeking business perks as he would at any Fortune 500 company. Inside sources indicate Kudlow demanded his own press person of official White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders. When she denied him his request, a person briefed on the conversation admitted, “Larry was like, I’m not asking for permission.”

To his credit, John Kelly stepped in and put the final kibosh to Ludlow’s ridiculous request, reportedly blustering, “what the f**k does this guy know about the economy?” The White House declined to comment when Vanity Fair requested a statement.

It seems this denial is all for the best, considering that insiders warned Kudlow against besting the boss on TV. “You can’t outshine the master. The minute you tell Trump you’re good on TV, you’re done,” a formal official told Vanity Fair.

This is the current state of the highest office in the country, if not the world: petty high school rivalries and foot stamping when Trump’s outrageous needs are not met.

Hopefully, something happens soon – whether it’s Kelly stepping up, Mueller closing in, or action from the Republican-controlled House and Senate – before the Boss Baby makes an impulsive decision the whole country will regret (if anyone is still alive to complain).

Salvatore Nicholas

Salvatore is a producer, political writer, comedian and LGBTQ activist (in no particular order). He resides in Los Angeles with his two cats and encyclopedic knowledge of Britney's discography.

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