April Ryan and Sarah Huckabee Sanders just clashed over question about Trump resignation (WATCH)


In the tumultuous aftermath of yesterday’s FBI raid on the home and offices of Trump lawyer Michael Cohen, the president’s future is more uncertain than ever.

While the prospect of firing special counsel Robert Mueller has been floated by the White House – this morning, Sarah Huckabee Sanders suggested that Trump “believes he has the power to fire Mueller” if he wanted to – one reporter, CNN political analyst April Ryan, suggested another option.

“With all of this turmoil, particularly this last week, has the president at any time thought about stepping down before or now?” Ryan asked.

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Sanders tersely denied the suggestion, claiming it was “an absolutely ridiculous question,” but it was Ryan’s retort that left the press briefing room silent.


“It’s not ridiculous,” she asserted.

Of course, given the unprecedented nature of this administration, and the breadth of scandals that it is currently facing, the prospect of resignation might actually save Trump from what promises to be the painful fallout from the results of both the Mueller probe and the midterm elections. But for our ego-driven president, logic rarely factors into his decisions.

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