Special Counsel Mueller just scored a huge win in investigation against Trump’s Cambridge Analytica


The whistleblower whose inside info about Cambridge Analytica has caused an intercontinental political scandal just agreed to give testimony to Congress about Facebook and speak with Special Counsel Mueller’s investigators.

Pink-haired data scientist Christopher Wylie told NBC (video below) that he’s been contacted by both Special Counsel Mueller and investigators from the US Congress about his revelations of data theft and illicit psychometric targeting from GOP megadonor Robert Mercer’s company. This week, Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg is testifying to Congress after admitting that Cambridge Analytica stole 87 million user profiles, up from the previously reported 50 million.

Wylie says that he’s ready to cross the pond from London to DC with his allegations that present evidence of illegal foreign campaign workers on multiple Republican campaigns, including the president’s and his new national security advisor John Bolton’s SuperPAC. He told Meet the Press:

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I have been contacted by American authorities.  We’re just setting out dates that I can actually go and sit down and meet with them. It is both Congressional investigations, and also law enforcement and the Department of Justice.

“[Steve Bannon] was looking for a means of building his arsenal to fight a culture war. So coming to a military contractor that does psychological operations really appealed to him.”

“I think that there is a substantial risk that this data was misused, and given what we know about the company, you know, and what the lengths that they’re willing to do for their clients, I think it is worth a serious investigation and to take this seriously.”

Suspended Cambridge Analytica CEO Alexander Nix admitted reaching out to Wikileaks during the Trump campaign to try and help disseminate the material last year, but most famously, recently got caught on hidden camera investigation promising to use Ukrainian sex workers to blackmail or bribe politicians.

UK authorities recently raided the posh offices of Mercer and Bannon’s data firm in London, because Nix and Cambridge Analytica are tied up in a complex illegal campaigning scheme over the Brexit vote.

Then, Wylie’s revelations arrived with a warning to American investigators about the importance of the firm’s operations, which sparked the Massachusetts Attorney General to open an investigation last month.


It looks like American investigators are about to fully take Christopher Wylie up on his word and get to the bottom of Cambridge Analytica and the Trump campaign’s secretive relationship with an overseas psychological warfare company.

Wach the complete seventeen-minute interview with Cambridge Analytica whistleblower Christopher Wylie here: 

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