Sinclair radio host who fantasized about raping David Hogg just got a sweet dose of karma

Advertisers are waking up to the fact that toxic conservatives will hurt their brand, particularly when the conservatives are media hosts who go after the activist Parkland, Florida students who survived a mass murder and are fighting to establish safe schools through gun regulation reform.

The phenomenon started in earnest after Fox News “personality” Laura Ingraham attacked David Hogg, one of the most well known of the students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, accusing him of “whining” about being rejected by four colleges.

Rather than keep quiet about the cyber-bullying by a right-wing NRA-supporting mouthpiece, Hogg went on social media with a list of the advertisers on Ingraham’s Fox News program and called for those who supported his and his fellow activists’ call for a ban on assault weapons, closing background check loopholes, and other gun regulation reforms to boycott those sponsors.

Within days over 18 advertisers had pulled their ads from Ingraham’s program and she announced that she was taking a supposedly previously scheduled vacation. Rumors were rife that she would suffer the same fate as former prime-time Fox News star Bill O’Reilly who left Fox after his sexual harassment scandals made his show taboo for for advertisers to be associated with. The network, however, denied that Ingraham’s job is in jeopardy, but may be stalling to see if the advertiser boycott holds.

With that disastrous story as background, you would think that conservative media figures would realize that attacking teens who’ve just suffered a life-changing traumatic experience is off-limits as acceptable behavior.

St. Louis radio host and Sinclair Broadcasting personality Jamie Allman apparently did not get the message.

Last week the conservative talk show bloviator sent out a tweet that was as offensive as one could possibly imagine.

One would think that it doesn’t take a huge amount of intelligence to realize that threatening physical violence to a teen with a massive Twitter following who’s already launched one successful boycott effort is not a recipe for friendly advertiser relations, but apparently, it takes a higher IQ than Allman possesses.

Allman’s tweet had the expected consequences with at least three advertisers including a Ruth’s Chris Steak House franchisee, The Gellman Team and PALM Health pulling their ads from his show on St. Louis conservative talk radio station KFTK. Allman most likely got an earful from online activists as well, since he’s since made his Twitter account private for verified followers only.

According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, one of the biggest supporters of the boycott against Allman’s program is Missouri state Representative Stacey Newman, (D-Richmond Heights), who tweeted out a list of the imbecilic radio host’s advertisers.

Let’s hope that the other sponsors on Rep. Newman’s list who haven’t yet responded to Allman’s shameful attack see the light and join the boycott. Most are local St. Louis companies, so if you live in the area perhaps you may want to drop them a line to let them know how you feel about their advertising on a program hosted by someone who advocates child rape and molestation.

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