June 29, 2022

Justice Clarence Thomas’ wife just viciously attacked Parkland survivors in offensive Facebook post

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In the latest case of “Republicans never learn,” a Supreme Court Justice’s wife has taken to social media to insult and denigrate a teenaged shooting survivor.


After the tragedy in Parkland, Fl, two heroes emerged as the faces of the March for Our Lives movement. Emma Gonzalez and David Hogg have shouldered the burden of fame as they’ve tirelessly worked to bring about common-sense gun reform in our country while finishing high school.

While their work has largely garnered them acclaim, haters from the right have repeatedly tried to undermine their work from behind a computer screen with derogatory memes. An image of Gonzalez was photoshopped to depict her desecrating the U.S. constitution; Hogg has been criticized for his “Nazi youth aesthetic,” and images of him were altered to make it appear he was doing the Nazi salute at the March for Our Lives.

That’s where Ginni Thomas, the wife of conservative Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, comes in. Mrs. Thomas has joined her hate-mongering peers in attacking Hogg, likening his call for gun control to the Holocaust and furthering the untrue narrative that he (not Trump) is the second incarnation of Hitler.

The original post made by a random Facebook user grumbled: “To all the kids that walked out of school to protest guns. These are the shoes of Jews that gave up their firearms to Hitler. They were led into gas chambers, murdered and buried in mass graves. Pick up a history book and you’ll realize what happens when u give up freedoms and why we have them.”

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To all the kids that walked out of school to protest guns. These are the shoes of Jews that gave up their firearms to…

Posted by Monica Bailey on Sunday, March 25, 2018

Mrs. Thomas’ post added the following caption: “From Mike McKay’s Facebook page…. he passed away last week and all my heroes at WMAL speak so fondly of his 30 years of work at WMAL. This post from his page is amazing.”

“Amazing” is certainly not the word we would use to describe this particular post. It capitalizes on the MAGA lie that Hitler’s confiscation of guns was the primary cause of the Holocaust (at least to those Trump supporters who believe the Holocaust was real), while simultaneously ignoring what actually set the horrendous event in motion – scapegoating Jewish people for Germany’s problems.

Mrs. Thomas, unlike her husband, has every right as a private American citizen to post whatever she pleases on her social media. Still, the lack of tact is staggering, not to mention deplorable, considering these teens almost became NRA casualties themselves.

The fact that Trump’s most ardent supporters don’t recognize the similarities between Trump’s Muslim ban and anti-Mexico rhetoric isn’t the true echo of 1930’s Germany is simply terrifying. David Hogg and his peers are doing incredible work and it seems now more than ever, they need us to stand behind them and stand up to the likes of Ginni Thomas.


Salvatore Nicholas

Salvatore is a producer, political writer, comedian and LGBTQ activist (in no particular order). He resides in Los Angeles with his two cats and encyclopedic knowledge of Britney's discography.

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