August 18, 2022

Jimmy Kimmel just trolled Sean Hannity with a hilarious “apology”

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If you somehow missed the epic tweet war between late-night TV host Jimmy Kimmel and Fox News bloviator Sean Hannity this week, you can still catch up with it on Kimmel’s Twitter feed.


Kimmel, however, has now declared a unilateral cease-fire in the battle, so, for now, at least we’ll have to be satisfied with the re-runs of the existing episodes of the battle of the network stars.

The feud started when Kimmel made fun of First Lady Melania Trump’s Slovenian accent while reading Easter stories to children at the White House Easter egg roll event last Monday. Hannity decided to take offense on behalf of the Trumps in his role as defender of his best buddy and his family.

He dredged up an incident from over 15 years ago when Kimmel was co-host of Comedy Central’s The Man Show that was typical of the misogynistic and crude humor that was the program’s trademark. Hannity used the old segment as a method to shame Kimmel and paint him as a pervert, calling the late-night host Harvey Weinstein Jr., an ironic form of attack coming from the icon of a “news” network so rampant with sexual assault and harassment that it was forced to fire both its CEO and its biggest primetime anchor in the last year and a half.

The subsequent back and forth through Twitter posts lasted two whole days with Kimmel parrying every jab by Hannity with a comedic retort that was sure to rile the Fox News talking head even further and perpetuate the battle. With comments like:

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Kimmel was owning Hannity and enjoying the process.

After taking a much-needed respite from the battle yesterday, however, Kimmel had some time to reflect on the effect that the ill-tempered barrage of warring words was having on himself, his family, and the public at large. He announced his withdrawal from hostilities with a Twitter post this morning that, while not entirely free of digs at Hannity, was the closest thing to an olive branch that the Fox News mouthpiece could expect.

While the wisdom of anyone taking Sean Hannity at his word is highly debatable, Kimmel’s peace offering seems sincere. Only time will tell if this armistice will hold, but without trying to appear as too blood-thirsty a voyeur, it has to be said that it was quite the entertaining war to witness.

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