Stormy Daniels’ lawyer just telegraphed a “major announcement” coming up soon


Stormy Daniels, the adult film star whose involvement with President Trump has dominated the news in recent weeks, has a lawyer who has studied the president’s playbook quite carefully. Attorney Michael Avenatti has learned to manipulate the media by dropping hints of what may be coming next and teasing an audience eager for more details in the ongoing soap opera that is the presidency under the Trump regime.

His latest tweet sets the stage for a revelation of potentially enormous consequence in the ongoing struggle between Ms. Daniels, Trump’s personal attorney Michael Cohen, and the president to determine whether she’ll be allowed to ignore the non-disclosure agreement that she signed, but that Trump never did and now says he knows nothing about.

You may remember that one of the biggest stories to emerge from Ms. Daniels’ much-hyped 60 Minutes interview with Anderson Cooper was the detail about the erotic film star being threatened by a “thug” in a Las Vegas parking lot in 2011 while she was putting her infant daughter in her car seat. According to Daniels, the man threatened her in front of her daughter and warned her to “leave Trump alone.”

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Now Avenatti says he’s just about ready to disclose what they’ve learned from his and his team’s efforts to find out exactly who the man who made the threats is.

Avenatti reveals just enough in his tweet to keep the story alive without giving away the identity of the thug, or even whether they’ve been able to actually identify him yet.


We all know, however, that we will be waiting with baited breath until Avenatti sees fit to tell the media what they’ve discovered so far. Avenatti’s move seems exactly like the tactics of a president who treats many major announcements like he’s still the host of The Apprentice and asks people to stay tuned to see the really good stuff that’s coming soon.

One thing that is certain is that President Trump and Michael Cohen will be sitting on the edges of their seats eagerly anticipating the next development in this saga, ready to call anything that Avenatti and Daniels reveal a lie. It will be another fascinating week on “As the Storm Turns.”

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Vinnie Longobardo

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