NRA board member Ted Nugent just told gun nuts to go out and murder Democrats


Twitter users are calling on the social media giant to delete the account of the irrelevant and talentless “musician”  and NRA board member Ted Nugent after he called for the assassination of “half our government” in an appearance on The Alex Jones Show on InfoWars yesterday.

Nugent’s demonization of the majority of the country who did not vote for Donald Trump and his destructive agenda is bad enough, but his call to “every time you see one, shoot one” is a murderous incitement to violence straight out of the fascist playbook that shouldn’t be tolerated anywhere in our civil society, much less on Twitter.

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Jamison Foser, a progressive activist, pointed out Nugent’s outrageously violent call to arms and flagged the post to Twitter as a violation of its terms of service and rules for abusive behavior.

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Apparently, the call to shoot liberals, Democrats, members of the media, academia, and Hollywood elite is not abusive enough to warrant an expulsion from the Twitterverse for this aging former rock star-turned NRA shill.


Nugent’s intolerance of people who simply want to live their lives minus the fear of being killed by unnecessarily available semi-automatic weapons is so close to the border of sociopathy that it’s surprising that Trump hasn’t called for the erection of a wall along it.

You can watch Ted Nugent actually utter the despicable phrases described above in the video below, courtesy of Media Matters For America. Let’s hope you have a strong stomach.

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