January 29, 2023

Obama’s CIA Chief just annihilated Trump for bragging about his approval ratings

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Donald Trump is a man incapable of inspiring admiration in all but the most bigoted and confused right-wingers. Most people react to the obscene sexual predator with a mix of revulsion and bewilderment. He’s a hard man to like and an even harder man to respect. Apparently, President Obama’s former CIA Director, John Brennan, agrees.


Brennan, an independent,  served in numerous capacities under both Republican and Democratic presidents so he, out of all people, has a good understanding of how a switch in power between the parties affects the country.

With Trump, the country is in uncharted waters. Our current president doesn’t disagree with his predecessor on policy issues. It’s not a conservative versus liberal dynamic. It’s an entitled, angry, white man versus the first black president thing. Trump is driven by his ego and nothing more.

Brennan took to Twitter to tear into Trump. He pointed out that he has served under 6 presidents, and directly with Clinton, George W. Bush, and Obama. He said that while he may not have always agreed with them on policy, he admired and respected them because they “put country above personal interests.” Brennan added that such is not the case when it comes to Trump because his “self-adoration is disgraceful.”

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The final bit makes the former CIA Director’s opinion clear. Trump cares about himself more than the country he’s sworn to serve. It is, indeed, disgraceful.

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Brennan’s tweet was in response to a pathetic tweet sent by Trump, in which he bragged about his approval ratings. It’s worth noting that most polls still show his approval abysmally low, some putting him as low as 38%.

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Despite what he wants to think, Trump is not a popular president. In any case, the tweet shows how insecure Trump is and reveals that his real priorities are maintaining an image, not actually governing. Brennan nailed it.

Robert Haffey

Robert Haffey is a political writer, filmmaker, and winner of the ScreenCraft Writing Fellowship. He is a graduate of Drexel University.

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