August 16, 2022

Fox News just thrashed Scott Pruitt in heated interview: “Aren’t you embarrassed?” (WATCH)

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With Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt in the news for being just the latest Trump administration head to abuse his position and pilfer taxpayer money, the embattled official perhaps assumed he would be in friendly territory with an exclusive Fox News interview.


He was wrong.

The interviewer, Fox’s Ed Henry, focused on the issue of pay raises for two of Pruitt’s friends that were disallowed by the White House.

Per The Atlantic:

The aides, Sarah Greenwalt and Millan Hupp, were part of the small group of staffers who had traveled with Pruitt to Washington from Oklahoma, where he had served as attorney general. Greenwalt, a 30-year-old who had worked as Pruitt’s general counsel in Oklahoma, was now his senior counsel at the EPA. Hupp, 26, was working on his political team before she moved to D.C. to become the agency’s scheduling director.

Pruitt asked that Greenwalt’s salary be raised from $107,435 to $164,200; Hupp’s, from $86,460 to $114,590. Because both women were political appointees, he needed the White House to sign-off on their new pay.

According to a source with direct knowledge of the meeting, held in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, staffers from the Presidential Personnel Office dismissed Pruitt’s application. The White House, the source said, declined to approve the raises.

When Pruitt’s office signed off on the raises anyway, Fox’s Henry was not shy with his questions.

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“My staff and I found out about it yesterday and I changed it,” Pruitt said, diffusing responsibility.

“You don’t know? You run the agency. You don’t know who did it?” Henry pressed.

“I found out this yesterday and I corrected the action and we are in the process of finding out how it took place and correcting it,” Pruitt responded.

Trump may have promised to drain the swamp, but with officials like Pruitt heading our government’s institutions, the swamp is as full as ever.

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