June 29, 2022

A Parkland Student just hilariously trolled transparent backpacks with ingenious prank [WATCH]

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One of the ramifications stemming from the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida was a renewed focus on keeping guns out of schools. The student activist survivors of the shooting have subsequently dedicated their lives to advocating for the measures that they think would be most effective in achieving that goal, namely a ban on assault weapons, stronger background checks, and closing loopholes in gun regulations.


The administrators at their school had another idea: require all students to get rid of their existing school bags and use school-issued clear plastic backpacks that allow the contents of the bags to be seen by anyone.

The students at the school were not impressed with the new security measure, which is far from a substitute for the actions that they are demanding. Florida’s Sun-Sentinal newspaper documented some of the students’ reactions to the transparent backpacks and the ways they customized their newly required bags.

Putting signs with messages on display in their packs was a frequently used tactic. Here student Carmen Lo emphasizes the message that the bags cost more than what they think Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) values their lives at, if you were to divide the total amount of money he’s taken from the NRA by the numer of students at the school.

Another student simply wrote “Clear backpacks are stupid,” pointing out the obvious fact that anyone who wanted to could put a gun in an opaque bag, stick that bag in the clear backpack, and conceal a weapon easily.

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Female students at the high school were particularly annoyed that their personal items like tampons and mentrual pads were on display for everyone to see, so student Cameron Kasky filled his backpack with those items to emphasize the embarrassment that the bags were causing.

Perhaps the most clever use of the new backpacks came from the student who decided to turn their transparent bag into an aquarium. Check out the video below which was originally posted with a collection of some of the best examples of customized bags on the msdcamo2 Instagram account.

Hopefully, terrorists aren’t planning on stocking the bags with piranhas and finding a new way to attack innocent students.

Despite the humorous approach to the customization of their new bags, the MSDHS students remain committed to seeing their primary goal of sensible gun regulations enacted so they can fulfill their promise of #NeverAgain. That goal is perfectly clear to them.

Vinnie Longobardo

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