June 29, 2022

CNN just uncovered a bombshell that destroys Trump’s Mueller “witch hunt” accusation

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Former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort’s desperate legal strategy to sue his numerous criminal charges away in a civil lawsuit just hit rock bottom.


Additionally, President Trump’s “no collusion” lie collapsed under the weight of a three-page memo from the DOJ to Mueller last August, filed by the Department of Justice today in Paul Manafort’s frivolous civil lawsuit (letter and court filing embedded below). 

Manafort sued to challenge special counsel Robert Mueller’s permission to prosecute his mortgage fraud, tax crimes, and foreign lobbying for a pro-Putin political party in civil court, claiming that his May 2017 appointment letter didn’t specifically include those charges.

Today, prosecutors revealed that the FBI was already investigating Manafort for colluding with Russian government officials before special counsel Mueller was appointed in the wake of FBI Director James Comey’s firing; and that another memo authorized Mueller specifically to investigate the dozens of charges pending against Manafort. Here’s the relevant excerpt:

Paul Manafort’s desperate lawsuit against special counsel Mueller is in line with his former partner Roger Stone’s “rules” which say, “admit nothing, deny everything, launch counterattack.”

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Manafort’s lawyers claimed that Mueller didn’t have authority to investigate his tax fraud, unregistered agent work for a foreign power (aka spying) and national mortgage fraud scams because Deputy AG Rosenstein didn’t specifically authorize him.

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But the Deputy AG’s subsequent letter to Mueller that CNN found, noted that the May letter was intentionally vague to keep the subjects of the FBI’s Russia investigation secret, blowing his case out of the water.

Ominously, Rosenstein’s August memo lists only one short block of text with the FBI’s Russia collusion investigation targets directly above Paul Manafort, with a very large redacted block of targets below him, some of whom have probably pled guilty by now.

President Trump should be even more concerned after the release of today’s memo because it demonstrates the inner workings of the special counsel’s investigation in a way that will make it impossible for him to fire either Mueller or Rosenstein without knowing how integral their cooperation is to the Russia investigation.

As the head of the campaign, Donald Trump has been under FBI investigation for most, if not all of, his volatile presidency.

Republicans have spent the last few months loudly beating the drum about the special counsel being “out of control,” and in a single letter the Department of Justice just shot them down along with Paul Manafort’s lawsuit and the President’s infamous Twitter catchphrase.

Here is the court filing:

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Here is Rosenstein’s 3-page memo:

Grant Stern

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