August 14, 2022

Fox’s Laura Ingraham just announced a “vacation.” David Hogg’s response broke the internet

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Amid a slew of high-profile sponsorship departures from Laura Ingraham’s Fox News show after she opted to mock David Hogg, a Parkland shooting survivor, for his unfortunate college rejections, the host made a bombshell announcement that she would be taking a “pre-planned vacation.” The move is strikingly reminiscent of former Fox host Bill O’Reilly’s own “pre-planned vacation” before ultimately being ousted from the network after his advertisers jumped ship in similar fashion.


Hogg wasted no time with his response to the embattled host as she sets out on her definitely already-scheduled hiatus.

The announcement comes as seventeen companies have abandoned the Fox News host after her misguided attack on Hogg, in which she accused him of “whining” about being “rejected by four colleges to which he applied.”

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As of now, sponsors including Honda, Miracle-Ear, Principal, Ruby Tuesday, Liberty Mutual, Office Depot, Nestle, Wayfair, TripAdvisor, Nutrish, Expedia, Joseph A. Banks, Hulu, Stitch Fix, Atlantis Bahamas, Jenny Craig, and Johnson & Johnson have all boycotted Ingraham after her misguided remarks.

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Their departures come only days after Hogg – along with the help of his friends, all of whom wield a lot of power with their social media followings – took to Twitter to demand Ingraham’s advertisers pull their sponsorship from her program.

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Amid the exodus, Ingraham did attempt to issue a half-hearted apology to Hogg.

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Hogg, for his part, firmly rejected the transparent olive branch.

She may have even more time than just Holy Week to reflect on her attacks against a 17-year-old school shooting survivor.

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