February 1, 2023

Trump Jr. just threw a fit over a BBC headline about his dad, quickly got brutal response

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After President Trump appointed his personal physician to be head of the Veterans Affairs office, despite his lack of experience in administering a huge organization or in veterans affairs, it’s understandable if the Trump’s are a little thin-skinned about it.


Apparently, Donald Trump Jr. is on edge about this latest appointment of someone who is completely unqualified for the job, so he jumped up to protest when the venerable BBC wrote a headline that was not to his liking.

Donald Jr. may have thought he was defending dear old dad’s choice of the doctor who declared the cheeseburger eating overweight president the picture of health. But Donald Jr.’s prissy response drew a blast of tweets from others to put him in his place.

Here, first, is what the BBC wrote:

Now that he is getting divorced, Don Jr. found time on his hands to snootily reply:

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Don Jr. even provided a memo showing that Doc Ronny also took care President Obama.

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Then came the reactions, ranging from a lesson in basic journalism about what constitutes an accurate headline to a definition of why being the house doctor is different than being appointed to run a troubled organization with the second largest staff of any bureaucracy in all of the federal government.

There were several tweets to point out the headline is accurate and then the comments got more pointed, getting more and more personal.

Others went after the storm of scandals hovering over the First Son’s head.

And this:

Has Don Jr. seen those pictures of his dad on the golf course with his butt pushed out, while everyone else has, and that is not a picture of 239 pounds of health.

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Then there were those who pointed out the difference between being the White House doctor and running a huge bureaucracy that is in deep trouble.

Don Jr. has moved on to other topics so it is unclear if he has seen or cares about the negative reaction his tweet evoked, but the comments that matter are still to come – from the Senators who have to interview and vote on Doctor Ronny’s qualifications for the job.

It appears the chief reason that he’s been given the new position is that he’s a pal of the president. If that’s all it takes, why didn’t Trump just make Don Jr. head of the VA? After all, he has so much experience as a hunter, failed husband, businessman and Russian collaborator. Quite the resume indeed.

Benjamin Locke

Benjamin Locke is a retired college professor with an undergraduate degree in Industrial Labor and Relations from Cornell University and an MBA from the European School of Management.

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