August 14, 2022

Scott Walker and his Republicans just launched an unprecedented attack on democracy

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The Republican Party is up to its usual anti-democratic tricks in Wisconsin. Republican state senators have revealed a bill that would forbid the holding of special elections during even-number years beginning right after this spring’s election, reports Wisconsin’s Public Radio. Governor Scott Walker, as execrable a man as the GOP has to offer, has already agreed to sign the legislation when it passes.


The result would be that yearlong vacancies in legislative districts would now be possible. Additionally, the new law would block governors from calling for special elections less than four months after a seat is vacated.

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Presumably, the bill is a response to the looming blue wave many experts believe is about to sweep the nation. Democrats stand poised to seize seats all across America, from the state legislatures all the way up to the Senate. It seems Walker and his cronies fear that special elections would open another door for Democrats to take power from them.

This new legislation is a flagrant betrayal of Wisconsin constituents and a brazen power grab by the Republican Party. They’re so desperate to cling to power during an era where increasing numbers of Americans are turning against their regressive agenda that they’re resorting to voter suppression and electoral tampering. The Republican Party is falling apart nationally as well, and is increasingly forced to rely on gerrymandering to compete with the Democrats.

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The announcement of the special election legislation comes in response to a state judge’s ruling that Walker must hold special elections for two districts that have been ignored and vacant for months. The individuals who previously held the seats vacated them to join Governor Walker’s administration. In effect, this new bill has been devised as a workaround for the judge’s ruling, an attempt to ignore the judge and give Republicans in power what they want.

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Incidents like this clearly demonstrate how little Republicans actually care about their voters. They’re afraid of an equitable, balanced electoral system because they know their disastrous ideas are hard to sell unless they cheat.

Walker is an absolute disgrace for supporting this new bill and Wisconsinites need to vote him out the first chance they get before he can do even more to strip away their franchise.

Robert Haffey

Robert Haffey is a political writer, filmmaker, and winner of the ScreenCraft Writing Fellowship. He is a graduate of Drexel University.

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