May 17, 2022

An entire US neo-Nazi gang just got busted for murder by the feds after making a humiliating mistake

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A southern white supremacist gang is coming apart at the seams after they botched the cover-up of the murder of one of their own members.


The gang calls themselves the “Aryan Circle” and can frequently be seen sporting neo-Nazi garb while publicly spouting the hateful ideology.

According to a recently unsealed indictment from the Department of Justice, the group ran a murderous extortion ring around the country which flew mostly under the radar – until the murder happened within their group, reports the Daily Beast.

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A July 1 celebration of Independence Day turned deadly when the party in Evangeline Parish, Louisiana erupted in an argument. The extremist group demands lifetime commitment and absolute loyalty, according to the indictment, and it would appear someone in the group violated those terms.

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Clifton Hallmark, one of the partygoers, found himself clinging to life after Aryan Circle member Jeremy Jordan (not to be confused with the Broadway actor of the same name) allegedly shot him in the head.

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In a moment of panic, Hallmark was hauled to a nearby gas station by the gang in order to distance themselves from the crime scene and call for help. His wife and another woman orchestrated the move meant to help the bleeding white supremacist, but ultimately their haste exposed them to authorities.

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They dialed 911 to call for help but made a second fatal error – they failed to get their story straight before the phone call began.

“We are going to tell them he got robbed, OK?” Louisiana’s KATC say police heard a woman tell Hallmark’s wife in the background.

Police responded to the call but found no blood or bullet casings in the store. Aryan Circle members mustn’t be up on modern technology, considering they were also in plain sight of a surveillance camera which revealed the members had arrived in a van and immediately called police, rather than being robbed as they claimed.

When confronted, police report Hallmark’s wife blamed the discrepancies on drugs and lack of sleep.

Other than bringing down an individual white supremacist, Jordan’s accidental killing of Hallmark might bring down the group as a whole. Jordan has been charged with murder and the other seven members have been charged with accessory to murder.

This particular clump of neo-Nazis is an offshoot of the larger Aryan Brotherhood of Texas, which has been quickly growing into neighboring Louisiana and Missouri.

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The indictment notes the Aryan Brotherhood was originally born out of prison, and has developed a “militaristic structure” complete with a five-person “Upper Board” and middle-managers who direct the gang’s operations. That’s more organized than the Trump White House!

The indictment also describes a racketeering scheme. The group allegedly threatened, assaulted, and even murdered people who stood in their path of selling drugs and guns across state lines. Specialized tattoos were awarded for different crimes, including swastikas and Nazi SS lightning bolts.

Jordan, the accused murderer in the case of how stupid people are their own undoing, has pleaded guilty to violent crimes in the aid of racketeering and using a firearm in a crime resulting in death.

It is deeply disturbing to realize how many far-right wing extremist groups are out there committing crimes – and that it required this particular group to literally shoot themselves before the authorities caught wind of them. Let’s hope more of his conspirators fall as quickly as he did.

Original reporting by Kelly Weil @ Daily Beast

Salvatore Nicholas

Salvatore is a producer, political writer, comedian and LGBTQ activist (in no particular order). He resides in Los Angeles with his two cats and encyclopedic knowledge of Britney's discography.

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