September 27, 2022

Texan Matthew McConaughey just called out red state gun lovers at March For Our Lives [WATCH]

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Today’s March for Our Lives is proving to be something of a litmus test for public figures. Those who come out in support of the activists protesting for gun law reform will end up on the right side of history.


Those who refuse to help, or worse yet, actively oppose this historic movement will be remembered poorly for their apathy to the wholesale slaughter of innocent Americans by weapons of war.

The Rock has already come out in support of the event, and now we can add another international superstar’s name to the list. Matthew McConaughey spoke today at the March for Our Lives event in Austin, Texas. 

The Academy Awarding winning actor and native Texan embraced his southern heritage, saying that he grew up hunting. He explained that today’s march isn’t an attempt to seize everyone’s guns or deny law-abiding citizens the right to own firearms.

“At the same time, let’s admit we have an epidemic in our country right now that we need to fix. And those of us who are legal and responsible American citizen gun owners, it’s time to join hands. It’s time to get in the arena. It’s time to step up to the line and help heal our country,” McConaughey said.

His point, that law-abiding gun owners have a moral responsibility to step up to the plate and take real action to stop gun violence is one that can’t be overstressed. McConaughey then went on to lay out a three-point plan to help stop the bloodshed.

“One, let’s ban the assault weapons for civilians. And to my friends out there that are responsible owners of these assault weapons that they use for recreation, please let’s just take one for the team here and set it down.”

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This first point is perhaps the most crucial. AR-15-style assault weapons are frequently used in mass shootings, and indeed one was used in the horrific Parkland school shooting that galvanized the country into action. There’s no reason why anyone needs a gun like that.

“Number two, let’s restrict the capacity on the magazines. Look here: in the state of Texas we have a three shell limit to hunt migratory birds. Do the math. You get my point,” the actor continued. This too is a necessary change that would limit the damage that mass shooters are capable of inflicting.

“The third one, let’s better regulate the background checks that are already in place and close the loopholes that exist in those background checks. Now, those are the three main stipulations and for those three I can say it, you can say it with me: alright, alright, alright,” he said before going on to list the myriad types of Americans that need and demand gun reform from mothers to gun owners. 


Robert Haffey

Robert Haffey is a political writer, filmmaker, and winner of the ScreenCraft Writing Fellowship. He is a graduate of Drexel University.

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