March 20, 2023

Trump’s controversial data firm just got raided by British authorities

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British authorities just raided the offices of Trump’s data company in London under a search warrant from the UK’s high court.

A transatlantic series of reports by the New York Times, the Observer of London and a daring undercover, multi-part report by the UK’s Channel 4 news culminated this past Monday, when Britain’s Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) filed for a search warrant to probe Cambridge Analytica.

The ICO’s warrant was approved late Friday afternoon after two days in court, and investigators didn’t waste any time visiting London’s tawny Bloomsbury neighborhood, where Cambridge Analytica’s offices are located.

The Times reports:

About 20 investigators from Britain’s data watchdog, the Information Commissioner’s Office, descended on the company’s offices on New Oxford Street after obtaining a search warrant from the High Court.

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The BBC spoke with the head of the investigation, who indicated that they’re not just seeking information on the data company founded and run by Breitbart’s top management and ownership. They’re investigating Facebook’s role in the data theft.

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“Information Commissioner Elizabeth Denham has said she was looking at whether personal data was acquired in ‘an unauthorized way,’ the report continues.  “Whether there was sufficient consent to share the data, what was done to safeguard it and whether Facebook acted robustly when it found out about the loss of the data.”

If this all wasn’t bad enough for Cambridge Analytica, a new whistleblower has emerged from within the company, a 30-year old business development manager who is “sick and tired of covering up for old white men.”

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Brittany Kaiser says that the company worked on the Leave.EU campaign during Brexit, which CEO Alexander Nix told UK authorities did not happen.

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Today, even President Trump’s new choice for National Security Advisor, the draft dodging war-monger John Bolton, is wrapped up in the fast-growing scandal.

The Trump Campaign relied very heavily on Cambridge Analytica, which knew that US elections prohibit the use of foreign workers, but employed the UK-based company anyhow.

Steve Bannon’s propaganda machine helped place Trump into office as a “puppet” candidate, but the intercontinental crimes that his benefactor Robert Mercer funded through Cambridge Analytica are collapsing into a pile of criminal investigations, threatening to take Trump down with the lot.

Trump’s election data being carted away by UK authorities:

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