March 18, 2023

Trump’s data company was just exposed bragging about blackmailing politicians with sex workers [WATCH]

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The shady data analytics company that the Donald J. Trump campaign used during the 2016 election just had their shady and illegal tactics exposed by a Channel 4 investigation.

Cambridge Analytica CEO Alexander Nix was caught on a hidden camera promising secret political services including bribery, blackmail, defamation traps, and honeypots with trafficked women from Ukraine.

Cambridge Analytica’s top executive explained that they could manufacture compromising information or hire mercenary intelligence officers, while ironically being caught himself in a compromising video (embedded below). Channel 4 reports:

In one exchange, when asked about digging up material on political opponents, Mr Nix said they could “send some girls around to the candidate’s house”, adding that Ukrainian girls “are very beautiful, I find that works very well”.

In another he said: “We’ll offer a large amount of money to the candidate, to finance his campaign in exchange for land for instance, we’ll have the whole thing recorded, we’ll blank out the face of our guy and we post it on the Internet.”

Offering bribes to public officials is an offence under both the UK Bribery Act and the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. Cambridge Analytica operates in the UK and is registered in the United States. The admissions were filmed at a series of meetings at London hotels over four months, between November 2017 and January 2018. An undercover reporter for Channel 4 News posed as a fixer for a wealthy client hoping to get candidates elected in Sri Lanka.

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In a phone call and in-person meeting, the CEO of Cambridge Analytica repeatedly stressed the secrecy of his operation.

In addition, the company’s executives privately bragged about their secret involvement in Kenya’s violent elections, which used the same divisive electioneering that we saw in Trump’s Republican campaign. They told Channel 4:

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Mr Nix told our reporter: “…we’re used to operating through different vehicles, in the shadows, and I look forward to building a very long-term and secretive relationship with you.”

Along with Mr Nix, the meetings also included Mark Turnbull, the managing director of CA Political Global, and the company’s chief data officer, Dr Alex Tayler.

Mr Turnbull described how, having obtained damaging material on opponents, Cambridge Analytica can discreetly push it onto social media and the internet.

He said: “… we just put information into the bloodstream of the internet, and then, and then watch it grow, give it a little push every now and again… like a remote control. It has to happen without anyone thinking, ‘that’s propaganda’, because the moment you think ‘that’s propaganda’, the next question is, ‘who’s put that out?’.”

The information warfare company just got caught stealing Facebook profile data from 50 million Americans and landing themselves under investigation by state and federal prosecutors, as well as two UK authorities for their role propagandizing the Brexit referendum.

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Last summer, Trump’s convicted former National Security Advisor Gen. Michael Flynn had to file belated disclosures admitting to an advisory role with the Cambridge Analytica, whose knowing use of foreign election workers violated US elections law.

Today’s reporting by the UK’s Channel 4 exposes Cambridge Analytica’s complete disregard for the facts involved in politics while they selling their lucrative services to the highest bidder, which mainly involve emotionally overwhelming entire populations with manipulative propaganda.

Cambridge Analytica is the only project that all three of the Trump campaign managers – and Trump’s son-in-law – worked with directly, and the video below reveals the is the real story of how the shady data company helped Donald Trump got elected.

Watch Cambridge Analytica’s executives explain how they use espionage techniques and bribery to flip elections for their high paying clientele:

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