Trump just accidentally praised the Clinton Foundation in a speech. Chelsea Clinton’s response is classy


Donald Trump is nothing if not wild and ravenously inconsistent.

Take, for example, his rambling speech this morning addressing America’s opioid crisis. On one hand, Trump stayed on brand when he called for the death penalty for drug dealers (still no word if that includes CEOs of the pharmaceutical industry). Trump has promised to make that part of his bid to fight the opioid epidemic for a few weeks, so little has changed except that we know he has said it on camera.

He seemed to go a little off script when he thanked the Clinton Foundation for their efforts to combat the opioid crisis. Yes, that Clinton Foundation, run by his nemesis, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

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Various news outlets were quick to point out this strange acknowledgment via Twitter, and eventually, the former first daughter Chelsea Clinton weighed in on the positive reviews.

In an early afternoon tweet, Chelsea seized the opportunity to plug her mother’s foundation while also taking a dig at 45, tweeting “Mr. President, thank you for recognizing the @ClintonFdn’s work with Adapt Pharma to prevent opioid overdose deaths and save lives. cc @realDonaldTrump.”


A classy response indeed, and one that is certain to turn the orange-faced leader of the free world a lovely shade of scarlet. Be sure to tune into Twitter for Trump’s “executive time” this evening to see if he re-negs on his praise now that the Clintons have thanked him.

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Salvatore Nicholas

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