Morning Joe’s Mika just revealed the hidden truth behind Trump’s Mueller meltdown

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Today, on Morning Joe, co-host Mika Brzezinski said Trump and his team unravelled upon viewing a list of possible questions Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller’s office sent over in anticipation of an interview with the President about his alleged conspiracy with Russia to undermine U.S. democracy, his obvious obstruction of justice, and his possible international money laundering.

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Brzezinski said this morning:

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Just watching this story from the outside, not even knowing Trump, I have a little bit of insight to his patterns, but it appears that the questions freak them out.  They melted down.

In response to the list of questions, Trump for the first time attacked Mueller directly on Twitter, while Trump lawyer John Dowd demanded the investigation be shut down.  As Brzezinski points out, they are clearly running scared.

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In an uncharacteristic stand against a member of his own party, Republican House Oversight Committee chairman Trey “Benghazi” Gowdy, responded to Dowd’s comments yesterday:

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I think the President’s attorney frankly does him a disservice when he says that, and when he frames the investigation that way . . . If you have an innocent client, Mr. Dowd, act like it.

Despite Trump’s initial statement that he was “looking forward” to testifying under oath before Mueller, the president’s legal team has desperately tried everything in their arsenal to try to prevent Trump from inevitably perjuring himself.

Unable to forestall the inevitable, they have resorted to smearing the Special Prosecutor’s investigation, just as they have tried to smear the FBI for gathering evidence.

Morning Joe regular and veteran journalist, Mike Barnicle, reinforced Ms. Brzezinski’s analysis, chiming in about the president himself:

Donald Trump is the president of the United State . . . As such, he is the commander in chief, and his behavior over the recent past, his tweets, things he has said on the stump, things he has said in the Oval Office have proven that he is uniquely ill-equipped for this job as president. Morally, ethically, psychologically, you name it — he’s proving it every day.

Trump is acting guilty as sin, giving Mueller new evidence every day in his obstruction of justice probe.  However, he is also fueling a belief in his base that whatever Mueller discovers will be tainted by political bias, thereby attempting to discredit any findings against him.

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In fact, Mueller is a Republican,  The real political bias belongs to Trump and his henchmen, like Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who fired FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe two days before his pension was due, as political retribution for his having corroborated the damning testimony of fired FBI Director James Comey, who had provided evidence of Trump’s obstruction of justice.

Trump and Mueller are on a course toward a head-on collision.  Considering the amount of evidence Mueller has already accumulated against the president, Trump’s efforts to deflect may only hasten the inevitable.

Whether porn star Stormy Daniels takes him down first, or Mueller deals the fatal legal blow, the Goon-in-Chief’s lifetime of criminal behavior is finally catching up with him.


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