CNN just called out Melania Trump LIVE on air on her shameless hypocrisy


The rift widens between America’s most visible hostage and her captor as First Lady Melania Trump breaks with her internet bully husband to speak out against internet bullying. CNN wasted no time calling her out on the hypocrisy.

Melania is scheduled to host a summit on cyberbullying next week, breaking her noticeable silence for the first time since the news of her husband’s affair and ongoing dispute with porn star Stormy Daniels broke.

CNN’s Kate Bennett called this summit a “coming out” for Melania.

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As they discussed the First Lady’s position against cyberbullying, CNN also displayed the long, long list of tasteless insults the President has lodged against a growing list of enemies that includes just about everyone in Washington, most of Hollywood’s “liberal elite,” and basically anyone who crosses him.

You have to wonder, given her husband’s standing as cyberbully in chief, just how much influence does the First Lady have over the resolution of this issue in America?

Watch the segment here:


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