A Democrat just made a brilliant offer to McCabe that thwarts Trump’s petty plan


A Democratic Congressman just found a way to effectively fight back against President Trump’s spiteful firing of Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe just 26 hours before the FBI official became eligible for his federal pension after 21 years of government service.

Representative Mark Pocan (D-WI) saw a tweet from MSNBC anchor Andrea Mitchell that offered an ingenious solution for the fired FBI leader to obtain the additional hours of government employment that he would need to qualify for the pension he earned over the course of his federal career.

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Rep. Pocan sprung into action as soon as he saw the simple concept that would allow him to express his fervent opposition to the President’s agenda of attacking and undermining the intelligence community as their investigations into his malfeasance get closer and closer to finally exposing his collusion and obstruction for all to witness.

He replied to the NBC reporter’s tweet with an entreaty to McCabe to contact him that also included a barely veiled jab at the president and his nepotistic administration.


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That should provide more than enough fodder for a report from McCabe for the congressman and earn the dismissed FBI official the pension that he spent his entire career earning while thwarting Trump’s malicious move against the FBI veteran at the same time.

Well played, Congressman Pocan, well played!

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Vinnie Longobardo

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