Trump Jr.’s estranged wife just hired a criminal defense attorney


Donald Trump Jr. received some bad news yesterday when his wife of nearly 13 years, Vanessa Trump (nee Haydon) filed for divorce from the grease-slicked heir to the Trump family fortune.

A hefty air of suspicion has followed the announcement, which comes just days after Robert Mueller subpoenaed documents directly from the Trump Organization for review in his ongoing probe of Russian interference in the 2016 election.

This morning, the soon-to-be former Mrs. Trump added a new layer to the mystery as court documents revealed she has hired a criminal defense attorney to represent her in those divorce proceedings.

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According to paperwork filed in Manhattan Supreme Court, she has hired White Plains-based lawyer David Feureisen after the couple filed for divorce, according to a report published the New York Post.

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Technically, just because Mr. Feureisen specializes in criminal law does not make him incapable of representing a client in a divorce hearing. The decision is curious, however, considering the couple’s decision to pursue an uncontested divorce after what representatives of both Mr. and Mrs. Trump Jr. have claimed is a result of an “amicable split.”


“If it’s an amicable situation you wouldn’t be highlighting the criminal aspect,” explained legal expert Bonnie Rabin.

Perhaps Vanessa knows something Mr. Mueller is close to exposing as he circles in on President Trump’s nefarious love story with Russian dictator Vladimir Putin. Only time will tell as we watch Donald’s latest reality show of The Apprentice: Oval Office unfold.

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