FOX’s Shep Smith just took a suspicious “vacation” as rumors of punishment swirl


It can be dangerous taking a vacation from Fox News, as Bill O’Reilly learned, but then these days Shepard Smith seems to be living dangerously.

Smith suddenly announced at the end of his show today that he will be taking a one week vacation, which he insisted was planned in advance, adding in a chat with fellow anchor Chris Wallace that when he returned “everything will be peachy-keen & hunky-dory. I can’t wait.”

Smith has been feeling the heat today after he made remarks in a Time Magazine article which said that those on the “opinion” side of Fox News, as opposed to the news side where he operates, are meant “strictly to be entertaining” and that hosts like Sean Hannity “don’t really have rules.”

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Smith just signed a new multi-year contract, but at Fox, News history shows that is not an assurance of job security.

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Hannity is a power within Fox News and was clearly miffed at Smith’s remarks, especially an implication that those on the “opinion” side don’t break news stories. 


In a tweet which began with Hannity claiming he was friends with Smith, he added that his show “breaks news daily-Warrant on a Trump assoc, the unmasking scandal, leaking intel, FISA abuse, HRC lawbreaking, dossier and more REAL NEWS!”

As his show “Shepard Smith Reporting” ended today just before 4 p.m. est, he said in his chat with Wallace, host of Fox News  Sunday, that he was fine.

“No shooting inside the tent,” said Smith in a lighthearted manner. ‘Everything is wonderful.”

“Going to take a one-week vacation that was previously planned,” added Smith, “and be back in a week.”

“That’s what they always say,” a smirking Wallace replied, “Previously planned and one week vacation.”

“I have the airline tickets,” replied Smith. “it’s been booked for a while. Tell everyone down there (in Washington, D.C.) hello from. OK?”

Smith and Hannity broadcast from New York while Wallace is in D.C. which is also where another Fox News “opinion” host, Laura Ingrahm broadcasts from.

An unhappy Ingraham also took issue with Smith’s comments. calling them “inconsiderate & inaccurate.”

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Before O’Reilly was fired, he also “took a vacation,” although he did return for a while before the final axe dropped.

Fox News host Jesse Watters was given a “vacation” in 2017 when he made a hand gesture and smirked at Ivanka Trump who was being shown on a video being booed at a conference in Germany.

Watters not only came back but after O’Reilly left somehow ended up with his own show.


With the ink on his new contract not yet dry, it is likely Smith will be back as well, but Hannity has a long memory and holds grudges, so this may not be the end of it. 

After years of watching Fox News hosts and “opinion” personalities trash Democrats, Liberals and others who do not agree with them, it is amusing to watch them fight among themselves.

In the end, it will be about ratings. Those who get high numbers stay and the others, well, they get to take very long vacations. 

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Benjamin Locke

Benjamin Locke is a retired college professor with an undergraduate degree in Industrial Labor and Relations from Cornell University and an MBA from the European School of Management.