A school safety meeting just went off the rails as knife-wielding dad terrifies kids [WATCH]


The debate over gun control is reaching a fever pitch in the United States as students across the country push for change. In response, the gun fetishists and NRA lackeys are growing increasingly unhinged as — despite their strident complaints — momentum builds for new, meaningful gun legislation.

Newsday reports that one such gun fan decided to take his rhetoric a disturbing step further. While advocating for the installation of armed guards inside schools to prevent mass shootings at a public meeting at Rocky Point High School, a man claiming to be the parent of two students brandished a pocket knife in the face of 17-year-old student Jade Pinkenburg.

“I’m considerably larger than you, okay? If something happened, if I decided to attack you, it would take the cops three to five minutes to come here — probably 10 if the traffic’s bad,” the man said as he towered over Pinkenberg.

Things then took a dark turn as the man suddenly pulled a knife from his pocket and held it aloft. “What are you gonna do now? What are you gonna do now?” In response, Pinkenberg made the understandable decision to flee, as parents all around the room raised their voices in anger at the man’s terrorizing display. He was eventually escorted out of the building.

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“Everybody kind of freaked out. It was scary. He brought a weapon to school and it shocked everyone. No one knew who he was,” 17-year-old student Jade Pinkenburg told Newsday. 

Police investigating the frightening incident are as yet unsure of the man’s identity. Whoever he is, his actions are indicative of the growing mania on the right. These people are so scared of losing their favorite weapons of war that they’re resorting to more and more dangerous behavior. Under normal circumstances, no sane person would think it a good idea to whip a knife out in the middle of a school. These are exactly the kind of people who should not have firearms.

The man was escorted from the building, but one student took issue with the understanding manner in which he was dealt.


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Natalie Dickinson

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