The humiliating reason Trump’s personal assistant got fired just got revealed


Another day, another man down. This time, it’s the President’s personal assistant, and he wasn’t even given the courtesy of a notification on Twitter that Rex Tillerson was afforded.

Trump’s “body man,” John McEntee, was unceremoniously frog marched out of the White House after it was revealed that he has a terrible gambling problem, which makes him terribly vulnerable to blackmail. He’s therefore a liability to the President. (Though probably no more a liability than the President is to himself.)

The Washington Post reported that McEntee gambled tens of thousands of dollars at a time, and even though there was no indication it was illegal, it still made him vulnerable to outside influence.

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McEntee joined the Trump campaign early on, after sending multiple emails to the campaign website begging for a job and getting no response. He then tried alternate modes of communication and snagged himself a position answering emails that came in through the campaign website.

He worked his way up the ranks until securing his current position as the President’s personal aide.


His dismissal seems to come just as Chief of Staff John Kelly is cleaning house and speeding up background checks for anyone who hasn’t yet gotten security clearance.

Given that other background checks have yielded such bombshells as “multiple counts of domestic abuse,” McEntee’s missteps don’t seem so grave. But it was still enough for him to get the boot.

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