18 Republicans just sent a letter to Jeff Sessions asking him to approve $1/day prison labor


The GOP may have just made their most insanely convoluted argument in a long time. This time: slavery is actually good.

Eighteen Republican members of congress signed a letter addressed to Attorney General Jeff Sessions, to help a private prison company defend itself from a lawsuit by former detainees.

Private prison companies GEO and CoreCivic, among others, are accused of breaking laws against human trafficking by forcing detained undocumented immigrants to work for less than $1 a day or less.

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This letter, signed by all 18 of those Republican lawmakers, argues that it’s totally fine to pay inmates $1 a day, and that forced labor – or slavery as it’s called in some circles – is actually good because it saves the government money and improves morale. Also, for good measure, they argue that inmates can’t even sue private prison companies because they’re not even employees so actually this whole argument is moot.

The Republicans who signed the letter are Lamar Smith, Jody Hice, Matt Gaetz, Steve King, Mike Rogers, Paul Gosar, Andy Biggs, Louie Gohmert, Dana Rohrabacher, Paul Cook, Scott Taylor, Earl “Buddy” Carter, John Ratcliffe, Duncan Hunter, Bob Gibbs, Barry Loudermilk, Brian Babin, and John Rutherford.


So if you need to update your records regarding who in our modern day government is pro-slavery, there’s all the information you need.

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