A math teacher just injured three of his students after accidentally firing his gun in class


As thousands of students walk out of their classrooms and take to the streets in protest of gun violence today, the staggering inadequacy of the Trump administration’s remedy for the epidemic of gun violence that afflicts our nation was made painfully clear.

Ever since the horrifying massacre in Parkland, Florida, where seventeen innocents were brutally slaughtered by a man with an assault rifle on Valentine’s Day, the President has called for the arming of teachers and other school staff instead of taking any action to reduce the number of guns in circulation or restrict the ability of people to purchase killing machines.

A preposterous idea clearly concocted by his puppetmasters at the National Rifle Association, the danger of having armed teachers was made very clear on Tuesday when a California teacher conducted a gun-safety lesson at school – and accidentally fired the gun, injuring three of his students.

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Math teacher and reserve police officer Dennis Alexander was in the middle of a gun safety lesson when the gun went off into the ceiling, where it fractured and showered the teens with bullet fragments, causing minor injuries to three of them. He’s very lucky he didn’t accidentally kill himself.

He has been placed on leave by the Sand City Police Department since the incident.

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You couldn’t ask for a better example of why more guns in school is the absolute worst solution we could possibly apply to this situation. While we don’t have as detailed statistics as we might want, since the Center for Disease Control is banned by Congress from researching gun violence, the data we do have clearly indicates that the presence of guns dramatically increases the likelihood they will injure or kill themselves or someone around them.

Our kids deserve to be able to attend their underfunded public schools without fear of being gunned down – and their underpaid and overworked teachers deserve to be able to do their jobs without being burdened with the thought that they might one day have to murder one their students.

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