Trump just tweeted out a fake science “study” from a white supremacist hate group


This morning, the President of the United States tweeted out a FOX News link to a New York Post link which tweets a “study” that purportedly proves how Donald Trump’s exorbitantly expensive and utterly useless $18 billion border wall will “pay for itself,” which conveniently excuses the president’s inability to force Mexico to pay for the wall, as he has promised over and over again.

It arrives at that conclusion by playing on deplorable racist stereotypes, arguing that the federal government will somehow save $18 billion by preventing the arrival of undocumented immigrants who will then leech off of our welfare system once they get settled in the United States.

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This “study” was produced by the Center for Immigration Studies, a far-right wing think tank that the Southern Poverty Law Center has designated as a hate group for their embrace of white nationalist and racist writers.

It was founded in 1985 by John Tanton, a professional racist, Holocaust denier, and eugenics advocate who has founded an entire network of anti-immigrant/white nationalist advocacy groups in order to fight immigration “on the grounds of population reduction and protection of an ethnic white majority”.


This study is one of the more prominent examples of “fake science” that is being created specifically to support the false premises of “fake news” stories, to distort the truth and to play on the liberal faith in scientific fact in order to give legitimacy and justification to racist and fascist agendas.

Activist and researcher Emily Gorcenski took to Twitter following Trump’s tweet to give a quick primer on fake science and share her own experience with the phenomenon.

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It goes without saying that the “facts” in the “study” by CIS have very little basis in reality; the CATO Institute, a conservative think tank, did a real statistical study that shows that immigrants are the least likely group to take advantage of welfare and directly refutes that accusations put out by CIS.

In fact, undocumented immigrants contribute much more in taxes than they reap in benefits, likely paying much higher proportions of their income in taxes than the wealthy millionaires who use their ill-gotten riches to fund hate groups like the CIS and to produce fake science for extremists.

President Trump has been shameless about using his administration to repress legitimate scientific research and to cast doubt on the veracity of critical journalism; the logical next step is to fill that void with ersatz mockeries that only serve his own twisted and disgustingly selfish agenda.

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