New York Post just hit Trump over Tillerson firing with hilarious cover he cannot ignore


A CNN employee saw The New York Post’s front page for tomorrow and couldn’t help but notice the brilliant callback to a cover they printed in Trump’s younger years.

In the early hours of Tuesday, Trump announced via Twitter that he would be terminating his professional relationship with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. Or, as Trump would put it, “he’s fired.”

This particular termination is humorous considering that barely one week ago, Trump rambled on national television about “stability” in his White House and claimed potential hires were lining up to fill empty positions.  Hours later, Trump’s economic adviser Gary Cohen quit.

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Now, as Trump’s tiny orange fingers race to restructure his cabinet once again, The New York Post created the most hysterical play on words for their publication’s Wednesday release, but CNN’s Brian Stelter put an older front page next to the new one which is sure to further enrage our already unstable Commander-in-Chief.

The original cover, pictured on the left, quoted Trump’s then-lover (and mother of Tiffany, the forgotten Trump) Marla Maples in an early 1990s interview. At the time, a headline like that was considered salacious – in this day and age, its just another insomnia-driven tweet from a “stable genius.”



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Salvatore Nicholas

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