August 19, 2022

Reports just revealed the real reason why Mueller’s probe is taking so long, and Trump will be terrified

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As Special Counsel Robert Mueller begins to tighten the noose around Donald Trump,  he is said to be shifting his strategy to put off bringing explosive obstruction of justice charges that could hit the president hardest while he wraps up other aspects of his many-pronged probe. 


Mueller is close to wrapping up the obstruction of justice case, reports Bloomberg News, which could be completed once he interviews the president himself and his oldest son,  Donald Trump Jr.

The focus of the potential obstruction charges is said to be Trump’s firing of FBI Director James Comey, the drafting of a misleading statement by Trump about the June 2016 meeting his son and son-in-law had with Russians offering dirt on Secretary Clinton, and the disclosure that Trump at one point considered firing Mueller. 

However, Mueller may hold off on announcing those charges because of concern that the explosive nature of the allegations could make other witnesses less cooperative and it could force the president’s hand and lead to him firing Mueller. 

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Instead, Mueller is expected to first move forward with other aspects of the investigations by his 17 seasoned prosecutors and lawyers including possible collusion with the Russians and fingering those responsible for hacking the Democrats and leaking the information in an effort to hurt then-candidate Hillary Clinton.

Mueller’s job isn’t being made any easier as Trump, his lawyers and Congressional Republicans all put pressure on the Special Counsel to show more progress or end his investigations. 

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One big plus for Mueller is that he has turned former Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn into a cooperating witness. 

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He has also requested more than 1.4 million pages of documents from the White House and is still expected to speak to Jared Kushner (for a second time) as well as Donald Jr.,  Ivanka and Trump former personal bodyguard Keith Schiller.

Muller and his team have shown that they know how to handle pressure and for the most part, how to keep secrets until they are ready to spring an indictment or announcement.

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The Special Counsel will need all of his steely patience as Trump and his allies get ever more agitated as the probe continues and evidence brings Mueller ever closer to Trump himself.

Unlike the President who is constantly changing his mind, his plans and his associations, Mueller remains a slow, steady, careful and determined force as he follows each lead and expands his investigation to capture every possible detail that could strengthen his cases. 

For a president who seems ever more isolated, frantic and fearful these are trying times and Mueller is the worst possible for because he will not be stopped until he gets his job done, and done the right way.


Benjamin Locke

Benjamin Locke is a retired college professor with an undergraduate degree in Industrial Labor and Relations from Cornell University and an MBA from the European School of Management.

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