A Florida massacre survivor just destroyed Betsy DeVos with hilarious response to botched 60 Minutes interview

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Trump’s Education Secretary went on national television last night to prove that she knows little about public education beyond her hair-brained idea to arm school teachers to fend off grizzly bears.

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Parkland student Cameron Kasky’s reaction to the horrendous interview is going viral this morning after he slammed Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos with a scathing tweet.

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Kasky scorched DeVos for both her stunning inability to answer the simplest of questions to 60 Minutes’ Leslie Stahl and the fat campaign checks her family wrote to buy her a cabinet seat.

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Cameron Kasky would know how “unfair” the Education Secretary might feel about questions, because Betsey DeVos just visited Margory Stoneman Douglas High last week, and of course, took all of five questions from reporters in an eight-minute press conference before scurrying away.

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One Parkland student said at the time that she only spoke to a few students and “pet a dog… in case the press tries to say something else later.”

Kasky’s next barb landed literally right on the money because Donald Trump inflicted an incompetent heiress on American public education for no other reason than her rich family’s big donations to his rancid 2016 presidential campaign.

Kasky said his comments have a “drop or two of sarcasm” but they demonstrate a wisdom well beyond his years after Betsy DeVos said whoppers like this:

“We should be funding and investing in students, not in school, school buildings, not in institutions, not in systems.”

The tongue-tied Trump donor DeVos then earnestly told 60 Minutes that, “I have not, I have not, I have not, I have not intentionally visited schools that are underperforming.”

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The most despicable part about Betsy DeVos’ installation atop American higher education isn’t that Trump chose her just because of family money; it’s also entirely possible that DeVos was chosen because of her relationship to brother, private military contractor Erik Prince, who Special Counsel Mueller is investigating for flying halfway across the world to build secret communication back-channel to Putin for the Trump transition team.

Either way, Secretary DeVos has nothing but a miserable track record of abject failure in her home state of Michigan when it comes to education reform, which is exactly why Cameron Kasky’s sarcastic remark about the unfairness of questioning her, is priceless.

The Trump Administration responded this morning to Betsy DeVos’ demonstration of utter incompetence and intentional amnesia about Michigan’s “school choice” failures by naming her to head a commission in charge of carrying the NRA’s water to put more guns in schools.

Watch her shame here:

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