Trump just claimed the Olympics would have been a failure without him

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The ego that knows no bounds exploded into expansive new territory tonight when President Trump decided to claim credit for the success of the recently completed Winter Olympics… apparently because he decided not to bomb North Korea (video below).

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Nevermind our silly Constitution that says only Congress can declare war. Trump was all ready to push that button, but, as Trump claimed at the latest of his endless string of campaign rallies:

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“I’ll tell you, we did a great job on the Olympics,” Trump said. “President Moon of South Korea said without Donald Trump the Olympics would have been a total failure.”

“It’s a little hard to sell tickets when you think you are going to be nuked,” he continued. “But when North Korea called and said they wanted to be in the Olympics, everybody said let’s get tickets and go.”

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Yep, that’s exactly what everybody said. No wonder the TV ratings on NBC were so dismal this year. Everyone just bought tickets and went to South Korea to see the Olympics in person to make Donald Trump look magnanimous.

Trump was in fine braggadocious form at the Pennsylvania rally for Republican Congressional candidate Rick Saccone who is fighting a tight race in a gerrymandered district that Trump won by 20 points in 2016. With another potentially embarrassing loss in the cards for congressional Republicans, they invited their perpetually embarrassing leader to the 18th district to rally his base, and he did not disappoint… at least on the embarrassment front.

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Besides claiming credit for not bombing North Korea during the Olympic ceremonies in the nearby land of our ally South Korea, Trump spontaneously spouted off, praising his own highly self-regarded diplomatic skills when it comes to negotiating with his bombing target, according to a report on The Hill.

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“When the South Korean representatives who just left North Korea came outside, a big throng of press, they announced Kim Jong-un would like to meet with President Trump,” the president told the crowd.

“Well, they say well, Obama could have done that. Trust me, he wouldn’t have done it. By the way, neither would bush or Clinton,” he added, continuing: “Anybody could have done it. Obama could have done it. Obama had his chance.”

Whether the previous presidents could or couldn’t have is a trick question that Trump answers both ways, but luckily those other presidents, even George W. Bush, had enough intelligence not to fall for a North Korean strategic feint.

Yes, Clinton, Bush, or Obama could have tried to meet with the leader of North Korea, but they and the entire diplomatic core decided that it would be a foolish move. Trump decided to ignore presidential precedent and emulate Dennis Rodman instead.

“The deal with North Korea is very much in the making and will be, if completed, a very good one for the World,” Trump tweeted Friday. “Time and place to be determined.”

What is certain is that Trump will continue addressing large groups of Fox News-saturated fans and saying whatever pops into his meandering mind to their Pavlovian cheers.

You can watch Trump’s latest self-serving boasts in the video clip below.

Vinnie Longobardo

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